Best Keyboard And Mouse To Buy In 2019

Things to do Before Buying Keyboard and Mouse

Most of us need a set of Keyboard And Mouse for our desktop/laptop which comes handy and is comfortable both on your pockets as well as on your hands. So, today we bring you some of the Best Keyboards and Mouse you can buy in 2019.

So before you go online to buy the perfect keyboard and mouse for your desktop/laptop, here are some Keyboard and Mouse Combo you should know about:

Best Keyboard and Mouse In 2019

1. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 

The keyboard is built with attractive design and give your workspace a modern appeal with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Also, The extended battery life works for prolonged periods with a high running and efficient keyboard and mouse promoting longer battery life.

The Keyboard of KM117 is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Easily navigate Windows 8/10 tiles with a mouse wheel that can scroll up, down, left or right. Use the mouse’s side buttons to access the Windows 8 Charms bar for navigational controls or to switch between applications or can be used for Navigation.

The full-size keyboard with responsive chiclet keys makes typing comfortable with that multimedia shortcut keys provide quick access to audio and video functions. Point and click with precision using the fast-tracking, full-size laser mouse.  The generation is indeed to go wireless. So, Go wireless! : Keep workspaces clean and free from cable hazards with a wireless blend.

Now about the features; The Keyboard weighs 816g, it has a scrolling wheel device type with a keyboard and mouse set- wireless buttons. Quantity: 6 interface: 2.4 GHz Wireless receiver with a USB wireless receiver. Also, Dell provides a One-year national warranty within the combo.

Buy this Product from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

2. Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best keyboard and MouseThe Logitech MK220 series is a powerful combo of wireless keyboard and mouse for Desktop/Laptop comes in Black color. The Keyboard is made to save conserve space without removing all the keys since the compact keyboard is about 36 percent smaller compared to standard keyboards.

The combo also provides reliable connection up to 10 meters (33 feet) away, virtually no delays or dropouts. Also, This even works efficiently in the busiest environment. Due to Logitech advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

Besides, It contains 128-bit AES keyboard encryption helps keep your private information safe, the wireless range may vary due to environmental and computing conditions.

The keyboard and mouse come with powerful batteries that have a running life of 24 months and 5 months respectively. An auto-sleep feature of the keyboard and mouse helps to save and extend battery life.

This sleek and minimalist design of the keyboard and mouse beautifully combine with the decor and takes up minimal space on the desk.

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo comes with 3 years limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Buy this Product from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

3. Logitech k400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

Best keyboard and MouseThis is a high-quality wireless keyboard from Logitech that comes with a built-in 3.5-inch touchpad which reduces the hassle by buying a mouse. This is useful for gamers who learn to play without using a mouse.

The keyboard has a compact and slim design and it takes up minimal space on your desk. Also, this keyboard has a 10m wireless range that ensures interruption-free connection from any corner of the room.

This keyboard integrates with Windows 7, 8, 10 and later versions & Android 5.0 and later upgrades and Chrome OS. Also, it provides up to 18 months of battery life with 1 year of warranty.

Buy this Product from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

4. Gamdias Ares Gaming Membrane Keyboard and 4000DPI Mouse

This keyboard is the best gaming keyboard in India. It comes with 4 layer structure and 7 color spectrum lighting makes it stand out in any event.  if it is the lightest taps or the most furious presses, this keyboard is always combat ready as it has 10 Million Keystroke Life Cycle.

In the period of playing Fighting games, MMOs, shooters, all of them require multiple key combinations and the keyboard has 23-key rollover With N-Key Rollover your previous key presses that are held down won’t be deactivated when a new key is introduced.

The mouse of the Keyboard comes with Ambidextrous design and hold 8 million click lifecycles with 6 smart keys which allow quick button presses of your most crucial skills and attacks and as per your use you can change the 400/1600/3200/4000DPI simultaneously. Moreover, it has a weight-tuning system which helps by adding or removing weights, you can customize your mouse to feel just the way you want it.

Buy this Product from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

5. Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

The MK345 series of Logitech has a full-size keyboard layout with 12 upgraded f-keys for control for full access. The keyboard has the Potential to Type comfortably, quickly and accurately with generously textured palm rest.

Also, you can Say goodbye to frequent battery changes as the mouse comes with 18 months of battery life. Advanced energy-efficient design let you go much longer between battery changes in up to 3 years for the keyboard.

Besides, Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless gives you the connection reliability of a cord and the convenience of wireless freedom in 10m range, fast data transmission & seamless connectivity and the security of 128-bit AES data encryption.

The classic figure of this right-handed mouse gives you the accurate cursor control for everything you surf, point, click, highlight or scroll and gives generous rest to your palm.

Wherein the Keyboard provides a design to avoid spills or accidental spills with 12 programmable F-keys and media keys give you quick access to mail, internet, play/pause and more. This combo of keyboard and mouse brings the perfect blend of comfortability, innovative design. Sturdy features with modern and advanced 2.4 GHz  connectivity.

Buy this Product from Amazon

Buy From Amazon

Also, if you are looking for some tips to know before choosing the Best Combo of Keyboard and Mouse here are few things you should keep in mind so that you can choose the best keyboard and mouse for your desktop/laptop.

Things to Know Before Buying Keyboard and Mouse Online:

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Nowadays we have a wireless mouse and keyboards. One can also find a wireless mouse online. The wireless feature makes your device (mouse or keyboard) very handy and easy to carry while traveling.

The wireless feature helps you avoid the clutter caused by the cables. Though there are possibilities that your wireless mouse and keyboard may interfere with other wireless signals at your home.

Also, the wireless mouse and keyboard functions on batteries and they work using radio frequency and sometimes through Bluetooth technology.

Keys and Switches

The manufacturers also include some unique features to their keyboard and mouse. They sometimes introduce a set of special keys in the keyboard which helps in launching common programs, controlling the volume or to play music and so on.

We all have seen a mouse with a left-click button, a right-click button and a scrolling wheel in between. But apart from these, now we also get a mouse with additional buttons on the side.

These buttons can be programmed for specific functions like ‘back’ and ‘forward’. These are quite easy to set up and are very useful for people who consistently work on the same programs.

Adjustable Keyboards

Now we also have access to height adjustable keyboards and keyboards that come with a wrist rest.

Until now a lot of people sat in wrong postures and strained their backs while working on their desktops but now with these height adjustable keyboards, they can adjust and tilt the position of the keyboard according to their comfort.

So no more cribbing about working for hours on the desktop and waking up with a sore back.

Colour Based Keyboard and Mouse

With this generation where people get lured with the outside looks of whatever they buy, the keyboard and mouse vendors have started experimenting with different colored keyboard/mouse, keyboards and mouse with a glossy surface or matte finished surface. All this is done to attract more customers.


Coming over on the most obvious things in all is the Price of the Keyboard and Mouse. Price is the most basic thing which we needed to be considered as we search online, The price varies in the rang of 800-4000 INR to get a decent, High-quality keyboard with all of the above factors within.

Now as we know all the above factors to buy a keyboard and mouse. you are good to go for buying a Best combo of Keyboard and Mouse.



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