The Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows

Best Remote Desktop Apps

Looking for Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows?

What is remote software?

Remote Software is something by which you can get access to other computer or laptop without even going at that place. For example, if you are in London and you have your team working in India and if your team is having difficulty in any operating system( laptop or computer) in India than by the help of remote software you can access that operating system from London. And for that, you don’t need to come or go anywhere. All you need to install any best remote desktop software for Windows and you can avail the benefits of that software. This technology invention made many life easier for the techie like us.

So now you know what the remote software is. You might be interested in knowing the best remote desktop software for Windows. So here I am going to share some amazing best remote software list for you. Let’s dig in.

Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows:

Join me:

Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows

Join me is an amazing software which is used for online conferencing and meeting. It was developed by LogMeln. So if you have multiple people to connect from many multiple locations than this tool is the best one for you. This tool allows different people to connect from different locations with each other at the same time. The only condition is that your laptop operating system should consist of Windows or Mac OS X.

Join Me Features:

  • Unlimited audio call
  • Recording
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Online conferencing
  • Multiple people can join at the same time
  • Free for basic VoIP

They also provide pro and enterprise plans also if you are interested then you can go with their plans.

Real VNC: 

Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows

Real VNC is a software which provides the cross platform. It allows you to connect with single computer or multiple computers behind a public IP address. This software supports and works properly in Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu. Although for some people it’s tough to setup. But due to its amazing features, it’s a very famous tool in accessing other computers. This tool is free for private use but if you use this tool for company use its not free.

Real VNC Features:

  • Encryption
  • File transfer
  • Chat
  • Collaboration tools
  • VNC ( virtual network computing)authentication

Ammy Admin: 

Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows

I use and love this tool. It is a very easy to use the tool. For that all you need just install Ammy Admin software. And it comes with an application and which allows file transfer, remote access one to one computer. If you want to use it for non-commercial use, you may use it for free. But for pro plan like if you are running a company you need to purchase the plan from the website. It’s simple and easy to use tool for remote desktop.

Team viewer:

Best Remote Desktop Software for Windows

Team viewer is a very famous and easy to use tool for you if you want to access computers with remote computing. This tool allows remote support and remote management. And setup is damn easy. Once you setup you can use all the features for free. This tool supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, IOS. You should try this tool out as it gives you amazing features.

Best features of Team viewer:

  • Multiple people can connect with each other at the same time
  • Free for personal use
  • Great online meeting tool
  • File transfer option
  • Collaboration option is there
  • Clipboard passthrough

So now you know that this tool has amazing features. You should know it’s free for personal use, but you have to pay if you are using it for the enterprise.


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