The Top 10 Android Apps That Will Make Life Better

Best Apps for 2019

There are a huge number of apps in the Google Play Store with the same functioning but we have selected the top 10 android apps that you must have on your device. It will save your time and help you get the most from your smartphones. Following are the apps:


Memrise is a language learning app and was founded by Ed Cooke, a Grand Master of Memory, and Greg Detre, a Princeton neuroscientist. It is a user-generated learning platform which uses flashcards as memory aids. The app provides more than 150 language courses across 25 languages. It is completely free and also offers an offline mode for learning. Memrise is trusted by over 35 million registered users. One of the main features of memrise is that it ships with native speaker videos and you can listen to a variety of native speakers while learning. You can download the app from both App Store and Google Play.

Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Vivino is the world’s largest wine community having 30 million users and is the best place for buying wines. Vivino provides all the details to the user regarding ratings, price, features and the nearest store to buy it. You can also know the grape type, winery details, food pairings, and the wine taste profile before ordering your wine. It provides the largest and the cleanest set of data regarding wine labels and is easy to operate.

Runtastic Running App & Mile Tracker

Runtastic is a great sports application that helps you to track your running, jogging, walking, cycling and various fitness activities. It also provides you the personal workout diary, performance analysis, calories burned, complete manual entry for treadmill, spinning and weightlifting workouts. Users can also choose your own training plan and can enjoy their workouts with music player. They can also save their workout data at and can share it on Facebook and twitter accounts.

Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking

Kitchen stories is one of the most popular and free cooking apps. It provides us with delicious recipes, video guides, step-by-step photo instructions and basic tips for cooking. You can try delicious mouth-watering dishes with the help of new recipes and how to- videos that are added every week. It has the special feature of auto-generating the shopping list and converting measurements if needed. Users can also save their favorite recipes for easy recall.


Drupe is an exceptionally useful app with which you can call and send messages to anyone on your contact list at a faster rate. You can also send voice messages, record phone conversations, and create reminders for specific contacts. After installing Contact Phone Dialer: drupe, you will see four semitransparent dots on the upper corner of your screen. You have to drag the dots to the right to open the app and can also adjust the location and size of the dots that let you open the app. Once it’s open, you can contact anyone on your contact list with just one swipe.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Pocket enables you to save articles, latest stories, videos, news, sports, web page and how-to videos from any device, publisher and app. It gives a relaxing reading experience that clears out the visual clutter with its clean and customized display. You can enjoy listening, reading and watching experience offline without any distraction.

Skyscanner – Cheap Flights, Hotel and Car Rental

Skyscanner is one of the best travel apps. It is an all-in-one app with flights, hotels and car rentals, all in one place. In this app you can search the cheapest flights, hotels, car rentals at any place and at any time. It is easy to use and provides the best price for your trip. There is no commission added or booking fees in Skyscanner and you can also use colour-coded calendar and chart views available in the app that will help you find the cheapest month and date to fly.

HealthifyMe (Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss) Health & Fitness

HealthifyMe is a very useful app for health and fitness powered by India’s top nutritionists, fitness trainers, and yoga instructors. Based on your goals, weight, age, lifestyle, and other parameters it provides you a daily budget. You can also check your weight loss, fat loss progress, and daily calories at a glance. It also helps to manage your dietary conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, cholesterol, and hypertension. You can join professional yoga instructors, nutritionists and dieticians and can get suggestions for health and weight loss. It will provide you daily dose of motivation for your fitness and water tracking notifications through regular reminders.


To manage your vehicle’s expenses drivvo is the best app. It acts as a finance manager for your vehicle. It helps you to track average Km / liter, monthly expenses, repairs, gas mileage, average per day, fuels, etc. and also helps you locate the lowest-priced gas stations. You can also get the GPS guiding to the selected station. It will give you regular car service reminders and will maintain complete records of your vehicle.

Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Glassdoor is a job search engine which provides you the latest job listing, company reviews and salary reports shared by the employees. You can get all the information regarding job openings, reviews, companies hiring and latest job offers. It is the easy and fastest job search engine where you can share and mail your favorite job positions. You can use “Know your worth” tool to know how your market value has changed over time and can read the reviews from employees about the work environment.  


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